Mini Workshop

Why does your body-mind relationship matter:

PLUS: learn 3 techniques to start improving your body-mind relationship.

Wednesday 6 JULY 2022

7pm – 8.30pm ZOOM talk

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What your mind can achieve, will double when your body comes along. Integration of body and mind is an important part of accessing our highest potential. Learn about the art of healing your body and mind, that the two are so interlinked, it is impossible to affect one without the other. Learn about ways to see physical movement as an opportunity for personal power through awareness rather than exercise.

Why is it important to have a body-mind relationship? Why have the ancient techniques of yoga focused so much on this system of training the mind FOR the ability of embodiment? Join me for a talk on understanding the mind-body dynamic and using the mind-body system, with certain techniques, as a profound tool for presence. Learn how to get your mind into your body and once in your body, what is possible.

Hosted By Kerry Weavind

About Kerry Weavind:

I am an experienced yoga mentor, healer, practical philosopher, embodiment coach. I have practiced and experimented in the ancient techniques of yoga for over 22 years. I am detail and big-picture oriented and can therefore help you bring your focus into your body and then expand out again. I offer mechanical and philosophical guidance as far as techniques for embodiment and YOUR ‘why’ are concerned.  I see you, and teach you to really see yourself. I have a strong understanding of movement, physical, mental/emotional and energetic and can facilitate your integration process, from where you are now in your relationship with yourself, to where you want to be and where you don’t know yet is possible.