Power through Presence

Tailor a programme based on a selection of courses for body, mind, group consciousness, and flow.  Each of these courses is designed to facilitate a process of self-evolution to integrate new layers of wellbeing. Individual nervous systems regulate to group consciousness, and as these courses ALL address the symptoms of our imbalanced lifestyles including stress, physical tension, dis-ease in the body, insomnia, panic, fear, irritability, nervousness, anger, boundaries, we can shift a culture and energy experienced by everyone around you. Contact me to view the selection of courses for adults or children and tailor make a process for yourself or your group.

If you are already healthy – you won’t need to sign up for health and wellness. If your mind is already at your service, you won’t need to sign up for embodiment work, you can dip into any of these programs but each is served best if you already have the skills of the previous programs.


Movement medicine: when you move, how much of you is moving and are you aware of what is happening to, in, with and through your body? Movement medicine is designed to begin a process of finding and releasing tension, both surface and deep inner holding patterns of defensiveness and protection using shapes in all directions to locate and instigate the body’s responses that you can then work with them.  Start as the obedient mind. Then transfer the teaching from the teacher to your body…. This movement is loosely based on yoga asanas but no movement skills are necessary.
“Em-body-ment – we can’t achieve our fullest potential without being fully in our bodies”

We work to calibrate a level of mental attention within your body to restore your mind-body relationship, to establish a distance (dispassion) from our story and the resulting stress, chaos, distrust, angst etc. to fall into flow (a state of self-love). This distance we create between thoughts and experiences, and the ability to be respond quietly to both, will allow the body space to process from its’ wisdom. Shift how you practice being in your body and experience your body’s vitality through shifting your mindset (your bhava /attitude). We will move from mechanics to magic – a state of embodied bliss.

Does the left and right side of your body know what eachother are doing?
Do you know what is happening behind your body?
Do you feel like your muscles have a mind of their own? The truth is they do, it is your own mind. Our unfocussed mind, unfaithful mind is constantly pulling you up and out, when the body needs you to land in itself. This is the launching pad to personal power through presence of being in your body. Know where your body is aligned in time and space, and sit in it. The shift to all things in your life will be profound. 

Find a greater level of acceptance and love for your body. It is an exploration of attitudes and habitual thinking contained in our bodies through deep experiences filed into the subsconscious mind. We will work on exploring at least one belief system or resistant/defensive pattern around our bodies and work/play/explore to rewire the brain and therefore thinking patterns to new, embodied, honouring self-love and appreciation (specific to the belief system unearthed). We explore what is possible in terms of experience through our embodiment and say yes to the possibilities so that our bodies can start to manifest the reality!


Kerry Weavind

Mental health

This is a series of processes using yoga asana practice as the base, to develop focus and concentration. It is a precursor to meditation but also, to the simple art of being present. Our fickle and distracted selves, heightened by stress and current lifestyle habits, keep us vascillating in everything but the present moment.
Develop acute mental agility with these practices to learn to stay with yourself for an extended period of time.
An additional skill that comes from mental bootcamp is the ability to observe, with the temerity to not comment on what is observed, yourself and others, to create emotional intelligence in this process (transforming reactivity-knee-jerk emotional highs and lows to response-action). These skills help us cultivate self-trust, life-creativity and mad-mental skills. 

What we can achieve with mind alone, we can double when the body comes along.

Kerry Weavind

Wrap your head around itself to get into a state of flow, and to find answers to your obstacles. We may know of some obstacles, those are the easy ones to sort out, what about the obstacles that are entrenched in habit and so familiar that you don’t even notice them.
Our bodies are not tupperware, we are permeable sponge-like energy centers with our minds as an energetic sheath around the perimeter of our bodies, translating, filing, filtering our every experience. How skilled are you at consciously processing and assigning accountability to these influences? Seeing. Open our minds to what is mine, what is yours, what is trash, what is magic. We understand. We notice. And we watch the awareness filter through into new experiences.

This is a specifically child-centered programme and can be offered to parents to assist parents with navigating the tough stuff at home.
We are trained as a generation of parents to get on with it and to be the all knowing authority and protector of our kids but what if we shifted to help our kids be sovereign, to firstly feel and then manage their big feelings without our interpreting things for them.
This mind ninja course helps kids (or their adults) to work through unruly thoughts, emotional cleansing techniques to shift emotional baggage in the body (and mind), to offer tools to turn overwhelming experiences into manageable bite sizes. Empower children to be truly heard, to practice in themselves the art of listening to their bodies and hearts (they do this so well, it is usually the parents that get in the way here), and processes to shift from overactive emotional and mental confusion to calm centeredness. Tools to help your kids make sense of their own world, in their own words.
This course can be offered as an extra-mural or intra-mural at schools and starts as a full term programme. It can also be offered in small groups or one on one parent driven sessions.

Understanding your mind is a great way to be free within it. How can we understand something that we can’t hold or grasp? We use the mind, to understand itself through the technique of japa meditation. Mantra can facilitate a meditative / trance state of being. In this state of mind, we can move from micro-managing ourselves into an expanded sense of self, and usually improve solution finding whether practical or emotional problems/confusion. Mantra which means mind-tool, is a tool for shifting mental anxiety and strong emotional overwhelm, and can be used to recreate a sense of peace or inspiration in any moment. These sessions are to practice various mantras (usually in Sanskrit – so intellect isn’t involved) but also in English and can be likened to positive affirmations except that we don’t involve the intellect to override what we are feeling by putting a plaster of a new feeling on top, we rather invoke through the ritual of taking the time for ourselves, sitting for Japa meditation will open heart and refocus mind. 
Japa meditation is a great bridge between mental mastery and energetic elevation.

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Energy Callibration

Conscious movement (incorporates energy calibration (experienced)): The work is an incredibly profound experience, once you have the movement medicine and mental bootcamp skills honed. We play then in conscious movement – a freedom from form – to work with ourselves into a state of heightened awareness and flow. From this state, delicious creativity and alignment to your higher purpose/voice can be experienced.

Elevate is an energy experience to raise your awareness of your energy and how much energy you can hold in your body and awareness. Energy elevation is like a process of strengthening muscles, through practice, we get accustomed to higher and higher levels of energy in our bodies, frequency and subtle experience … developed slowly so as not to overwhelm the ego construct. Working with energy includes ceremony, ritual, arts/creativity for the purposes of Energy mastery. To create a course for you that is tailor made to your strengths (where we start) and your weaknesses (where we invite integration). Healing, open mind – open heart. All the above work are pre-cursor to this work. 

Making your life matter. When we ritualise anything, we bring meaning to it, often a higher vibration of meaning than our mind thinks it can hold at the time. Learn how to transform general experiences into ritual and how to use ritual in your daily life to bring an expansive energy even into the mundane actions. 

…..peace, focus, attention, vitality. Understand your breath and its messages. By shifting and squeezing ourselves into a breathing rhythm we unlock an amazing transformational opportunity.  Through breath we can manage our mind, shift stuck energy in our body, let go of energy we didn’t even know we were holding onto and bring ourselves to the present moment. Llife lived from the present moment is a completely different experience to life lived in the forward movement of our culture.  

….connection, perception, deception, trust, other. When we take away our eyesight for a moment, what happens to our level of perception and how we experience ourselves? This is a magnificent experience in shifting from your reliable external sight to inform your reality and into an inner process of holding space for yourself independent of the external influences. 

Listening to the world. It is vital to be clear on boundaries and knowing where you start and end when you open energetically to the world. We learn this through all the work listed above, especially the time space continuum work. Once we realise we are permeable and transparent, we can engage with the world differently. When we have this solid foundation without it being sourced from a closed rigidity of ego control and manipulation, we can expand into heart-centeredness which will lead us on our unique path of painting our existence in a dance with the Universe.