Rewire your brain so you can come ALIVE!

Create a new relationship with yourself from within your body (embodiment) and discover a whole new sense of empowerment.

If you are experiencing any limitations of yourself , are on a journey of self discovery or healing, are looking for radical transformation of certain areas of your life or are just stuck:

Change is a few simple steps away – beyond only the mind

Practice ancient yogic techniques blended with neuroscience for self discovery – your answers are within the cohesive relationship of body-mind-emotions-Spirit.


Movement Medicine

Ready to find and work with the places in you that are limiting your expansion?

I get excited about discovering new areas in me that have been blocked or disconnected and to watch life unfold differently with the new awareness. Do you? Learn to unlock the wisdom of your incredible body, to integrate your life experiences, release limiting physical, mental, spiritual blockages for healing and self mastery.


Practice your Power

Rewire your brain for attention, focus and concentration and freedom:

Do you know how good your body is designed to feel and the impact of this on the rest of your life? Learn to activate breath into every action, to learn the potent experience of action-less action. Make your life a moving meditation – your body the source and extension of your joyful life adventure.


Presence & Awareness

Establish and hold connection within to surf the challenges:

Reshape your inner dialogue and subtext of your life experiences. Develop attention for body and mind, one-pointed to empower how you show up for everything with directed personal power . Develop the focus & concentration to be able to hold intimate and sensual space for yourself.


Energy and Alignment

Integration and expansion:

Learn to make you matter the most to you. Build personal sovereignty while remaining open to the worlds’ adventures. Learn to connect with your energetic life force and how to activate this to your highest potential Healing, discipline and connection are the key to integration and expansion.

Design your ‘Power through Presence’ program:

Learn skills for self mastery. Practice investing your attention into the things that matter.

Physical, mental, emotional freedom for soulful living

  • spiritual coaching, executive coaching, lifestyle equity coaching
  • embodiment practices
  • practical experiences that create wisdom from knowledge (tools)
  • Self Mastery


Personalized process of teaching you to rest in your body, in a relationship that will blow your mind! Your mind doesn’t know what is possible yet!

Coaching to access your greatest truth and power from executive to household functions.

Embodiment practices

Mental health, fitness, resilience tools. The tools are SO simple, they require practice, embodiment, and will transform your experience of yourself in all aspects of life.


Group Experience

Movement medicine, embodied poetry, focus and concentration and energetic alignment are solutions for our modern disconnection from ourselves.

Learn autonomy, deep knowing through profound and simple skills to develop body-mind connection and expand your awareness. Courses are designed with ancient techniques, backed by neuroscience to facilitate embodied self-awareness. What will you give up for wellbeing, nervous systems regulation and surprising inspiration.



Be inspired with understanding the wisdom held in your muscle memory (of body and mind) and how to leverage this to your greatest potential.

Your relationship between body and mind is the foundation for your creativity – your Life force , enthusiasm, choices, lifestyle, adaptability, resilience, reasoning and level of inspiration.

What if you learnt to embody completely and learnt to moveand work with inner conflicts getting in the way of your excellence in any area of your life?



Open up to be inspired or provoked with an interactive talk that speaks of our habits of perception, thought, internal dialogue, reasoning to reality through both neuroscience and the philosophical/spiritual path of yoga

Our habits are so familiar to us that they are hard to notice, and I am a master at helping clients uncover unseen blind-spots and start empowered inquiry. Radical responsibility for yourself feels at first like a burden but is more a step to Freedom.

Your body has your answers, I just help you unlock them.

Traditional GROUP YOGA practice schedule embodying the above, with Kerry

Kerry’s yoga and embodiment classes are the beginning process of learning to sense deeply into the experience your body is having. When we develop this felt sense of ourselves, we find an intelligence that surpasses the limits of our thinking, our beliefs, and assumptions. Her classes take you through a process of mental fitness and flexibility by developing attention inside the body and purposeful awareness through deliberate action – the details to be left behind in savasana where the felt sense of yourself can rise! The asana practice is slow, to anchor awareness into the body (a powerful mental function) and to explore time, and curiosity and delicious expanded experience in the process. Embodied practice takes you on an adventure of the unknown.

You have a body, learn to live in collaboration with it

Embodiment won’t change your problems, but it will change you!

Kerry Anne Weavind

I’m an experienced yoga mentor, healer, practical philosopher and rebel.

I have practiced and experimented in the ancient techniques of yoga for over 25 years. I consistently challenge assumptions and my shadow to be a clearer conduit of energy and awareness for myself and my work. I hold space for your unfolding. I am detail and big-picture oriented and can therefore help you bring your focus into your body and then expand out again. I offer mechanical and philosophical guidance as far as techniques for embodiment and YOUR ‘why’ are concerned.  I see you, and teach you to really see yourself. I have a strong understanding of embodiment: physical embodiment, mental/emotional, energetic and ceremonial.

I can facilitate your integration process, from where you are now in your relationship with yourself, to where you want to be and where you don’t know yet is possible.

Unleash your creativity

Take yourself on a journey of turning inward as a tool for expanding your life

Unfurl the Wisdom of your body

A daily reminder to stop and listen, to take stock. Spirituality asks us to remember we are not the body or the mind, but embodied presence. While we are living this physical life, our relationship with our body and mind deserves attention.

Original canvas artwork by Kerry for sale


An artwork to serve as a reminder that landing in the density of our human form, releases us from overthinking, and is the key to unlocking a vast array of sensual, vibrational experiences that pull you beyond the confines of your body.

Original Canvas Artwork by Kerry for sale.

Ceremonial Art for embodiment

Ceremonial art is yet another way to explore the depths of our unconscious mind. We can explore our shadow through creating a state of flow, with the body or art or both. Tap into your creativity inspired action. No “art skill” required.

Original Artwork by Kerry for sale.

Happy Clients

My training is mind-blowing! I offer mentorship in a beautifully autonomous way, offering deep experiences that start with going down and in to presence in the body and spiral up and out.

Your words and guidance bring me back into my body in ways that are exciting, new and promising. Wow, thank you Kerry.


Kerry is a truly gifted yoga teacher, whose ability to “talk to your body” is well worth experiencing.


I burst into tears hearing my body talking to me with gratitude that I was ‘here’, suffering but working through it. You provoked such a divine and profound work on my body and Spirit and mind!


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The culture of working and achieving and getting somewhere in life for the most part excludes our body, yet, without our body involvement in everything we do, we are less efficient as humans.

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