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Learn through interactive experiences:

Learn through interactive experiences. My events are practical applied philosophy experiences akin to coaching from within.

Mini Zoom Workshop on building your mind-body relationship

6 July, 2023 7PM GMT+2


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Learn why it is useful to have a strong body-mind relationship (not only to improve your lifestyle equity) and 3 techniques to get started.

FREE ‘The Learning Body’ embodiment process

8 September 2023, 3pm GMT+2

Experience how your body is capable of LEARNING and to explore the potential of this learning process in one free yoga/embodiment practice. Understand that because the body is listening and learning, belief systems of ‘strength’, ‘endurance’, ‘mobility’, ‘ability’ need to retreat into the background – away from a doing mindset and into a perception/learning skill. Experience for yourself how attention in movement accumulates energy, mindmaps your body, and exponentially increases body strength and fluidity in movement.
Join me to explore a dialogue of provoking or inspiring inner physical connection and freedom. Start a process to be in process with yourself as you untangle your mind from your body, and weave it back in, in ways that serve you better.

Clients Reviews

Do you need help that is beyond your mind? In other words, you just don’t know what you need? Work with me, we will find the answers.

At various times I came for healing and knowledge or experience. I was not disappointed, ever. Parts of it were hard for me, but I have become a better person for it. I am hugely grateful that I did this course and my passion for yoga continues, as does my passion for life!


The course delivery is subtly comprehensive, and meaningful via several sources and doing, not just listening or reading, allowed for a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Highly recommended. Life – changing.


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Maybe it is time to get to the source of the issue and work it out through your body, rewiring your mind, and shifting perspective and possibility?

Do you not really know what you need?

  • Have you ever taken stock of your assumptions and habits?
  • Have you taken your healing as far as your conscious mind can go?