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Exposing our fears through yoga, gently…

On a recent trip, we visited a wolf sanctuary, and the plaque on the wall said something like “when humans fear something, they fight it, when humans don’t understand something, they fear it, in both cases, they destroy it.”  

I watch the fear around mozzies in our yoga studio, and what a gift they are for us to see our outward manifestation of fear, dislike, distrust maybe? I raise this not to cause judgement but to shed light on how life is always giving us opportunity to interact with the outside world with a growth mindset, as the outside world is there to reveal our inner world – how we relate through our senses, shows us our inner world and gives us the choice to release another layer of fear, anxiety, judgement, … and really the whole spectrum of base emotions that keep us disconnected from our highest vibration.
You will know what comes into you as the driving emotion to RESIST the mozzies in the room. It is such a beautiful irony that they arrive announcing themselves, taunting us to react. I read an article years ago about changing our mosquito consciousness which suggested the inner journey of changing your reality. I found this part quite difficult, but started with the simplest tool – change my reaction and emotion. I think of a horse, swatting a fly with its tail, done in what appears to be a peaceful boundary being laid, again and again…. this is the part I am inviting reflection on – we are allowed to not want the mosquito near us, we are allowed to walk away, swat at it – what is in question here is – what is the energy inside the action? Is it peaceful or does the mosquito’s presence cause you to lose your center, your mental quiet and equanimity? Such great questions when exploring the source of every action toward planting seeds of peace in your reality. 

My journey into loving and appreciating the mosquito was helped by Olivers’ inquisitiveness into the animal kingdom – understanding shifted the fear. In a nutshell: it is only the females that suck blood, in order to feed their family. I include this to poke at your compassion.  They do this with a series of teeny proboscis that help them separate our skin cells, inject an antiseptic, and then draw up the blood through a needle like proboscis, and afterwards inject a serum that numbs the skin and prevents an allergic reaction – I think they have 6 proboscis for this process altogether. When we disrupt their process is when we get the allergic reaction because they haven’t completed the final caring step in their miraculous design, the serum.  It seems fitting that our reaction to them, causes a reaction in us. As within, so without. 
Moving from contraction, into expansion, with the ups and the downs of our humanness, the imperfect behaviours and human folly, learning, evolving, we start mimicking the infinite universe within our own being.

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