Ask the right questions

I have come to see that asking the right questions, getting the answers you need is perhaps a function of timing…and an open mind. 

Challenging assumptions requires awareness… and an open mind.

In my endeavours to continue teaching at 3 Quartz road, I was tripped up by language, ideas of ‘what I do’ and attachments to the words that would detail my job description. I read the law, dissected the law, asked the professionals and still the obvious was right in front of my nose but completely invisible.  
Then, in the right timing, meeting a couple new people who have experience in what I have been through with City of Joburg and voila! New Questions. New Answers. 

I feel this is similar to the process of our body – we can sometimes be so caught up in how we think about ourselves, that how we could move to unlock our stuck or stubborn places is impossible for us to see (until we develop our inner eyes/ears). With our regular thinking processes and identity, we are carving mental scultpures to define/confine us through our thoughts (these are called samskaras). Emphatically repeated thoughts dig deeper samskaras (carvings  of deeper and thicker grooves) and fleeting thoughts dig softer and thinner grooves in our mental sculpture to create an image that we then adhere to and protect. 

It can help to have someone else’s eyes to help shift the visual block.  To fill up the grooves, meditation – seated is most powerful, but yoga as a moving meditation is a great opportunity to find a new groove! 

Some right questions? 
What are you prepared to invest in your journey of health, connectedness, wellbeing?

Do you know how great your body and being inside it is designed to feel? Are you prepared to find out? 

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